You are a part of nature and her rhythms: the four great seasons. 

Each season represents a specific color quality that is reflected in your own coloration : like the saying "beauty follows form... beauty also follows color."  You  "look" like what you're designed for.  

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Color analysis is the foundation for my personal style development process. Beginning with custom painted skin tones, and ending with an accurate and beautiful color fan representative of your seasonal color harmony.  The color fan is a powerful tool for transformation as you begin your personal style journey.  The fan is sleek and fits easily into your purse or a pocket. Sessions are at my studio or hotel, depending on my location/state. 

 *Skype (or Zoom) is also available if travel to Las Vegas is not an option. 

Your seasonal archetype defines 95%  of your appearance design and style personality.  I  incorporate Enneagram and Alyce Parson's wonderful work, The Universal Style approach to personality styling.  These two systems cross pollinate beautifully and result in a series of vision boards to train your eye to the historical periods and styles that are native to your type. 


Enneagram is a powerful typing system for personal growth and transformation which is fundamental in styling to personality.

 There are 7 universal styles that relate to the 9 personality types:

  •  Which of the three Classic styles are you? Sporty, Traditional, Elegant?
  •  Which of the four non classical styles are right for you and your situational goals? Romantic, Alluring, Creative, Dramatic?
  •  Integrating the Universal Styles approach  with accurate color analysis,  gives you the tools to look on the outside the way you are in the inside.   

" When you look more like yourself, you increase your personal power. The universe responds to  pure  vibration and when there is no split energy to slow down manifestation" you have access to more of YOU. - Pati

"Fashion doesn’t do a very good job of teaching us there is more than one kind of beauty. It can’t. But, I can." - Pati 

Color Palette and seasonal archetype  

$495.00; I offer add - ons for: 

Universal Style with vision boards ( 2 - 4)


Prints & Patterns


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